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• Historic Salem
Historic Salem Note Cards
Salem Note Card: Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Salem Note Card: McIntire Distict.
Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne
McIntire District
Salem Note Card: Salem With Museum.
Salem Note Card" Chestnut Street, Salem.
Salem Witch Museum
Chestnut Street
Salem Note Card: Derby Street & House of the Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts. Salem Note Card: Federal Street, salem, Massachusetts.
Derby Street & House of Seven Gables
Federal Street
Trick or Treat. House of Seven Gables
Trick or Treat
House of Seven Gables
Friendship & Derby Street. Fall Harvest.
Friendship & Derby Street
Fall Harvest
Friendship & Derby Street.
Red Sky in the Morning
Ordering Historic Salem Note Cards
Celebrate Salem's incredible history and charm. Our note cards are 6-1/8" x 4-5/8", blank inside. Envelopes included. Select desired quantity for each card, then click Add to Your Shopping Cart. Quantities can be changed in the Shopping Cart. Note Cards are $3.50 each. Purchase 8 or more cards and the price is $2.50 per card. This discount applies to a mixed selection of note cards, but not to Holiday Cards. Gift Boxes are available for $1.00 each.
ID Description
san1 Historic Salem Note Card: Statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne
san2 Historic Salem Note Card: McIntire District
san3 Historic Salem Note Card: Witch Museum
san4 Historic Salem Note Card: Chestnut Street
san5 Historic Salem Note Card: Derby Street & House of 7 Gables
san6 Historic Salem Note Card: Federal Street
san7 Historic Salem Note Card: Trick or Treat
san8 Historic Salem Note Card: House of Seven Gables
san9 Historic Salem Note Card: Friendship & Derby Street
san10 Historic Salem Note Card: Fall Harvest
nen2 Historic Salem Note Card: Red Sky in the Morning
gb Gift Box: can accommodate 8 cards of your choice (Box only. Cards must be purchased separately.)