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• Swampscott
Swampscott Note Cards
Entering Swamscott. Lilac Garden, Olmsted District.
Entering Swampscott
Lilac Garden, Olmsted District
Dories off Fisherman's Beach.
Swampscott Gazebo.
Dories off Fisherman's Beach
Swampscott Gazebo
Fish House. Thanksgiving Rivalry
Fish House
Thanksgiving Rivalry
Swampscott in Summer. Greetings from Swampscott.
Swampscott in Summer
Greetings from Swampscott
Fisherman's Beach in Summer. 4th of July at Fisherman's Beach.
Fisherman's Beach in Summer
4th of July at Fisherman's Beach
Swampscott by the Sea. What a View!
Swampscott by the Sea
What a View!
Good Day for Sailing. Powder Puff Football, Swampscott.
Good Day for Sailing
Powder Puff Football
Swampscott Primitive. Red Sky in the Morning.
Swampscott Primitive
Olmsted District
Greenwood Avenue. Spring is in the Air.
Greenwood Avenue
Spring is in the Air
Red Sky in the Morning. Trick or Treat.
Red Sky in the Morning
Trick or Treat
Fall Harvest.
Fall Harvest
Ordering Swampscott Note Cards
Greetings from seaside Swampscott. Folk art illustrations of some of Swampscott's noteworthy scenery. Cards are 6-1/8" x 4-5/8", blank inside. Envelopes included. Select desired quantity for each card, then click Add to Your Shopping Cart. Quantities can be changed in the Shopping Cart. Note Cards are $3.50 each. Purchase 8 or more cards and the price is $2.50 per card. This discount applies to a mixed selection of note cards, but not to Holiday Cards. Gift Boxes are available for $1.00 each.
ID Description
swn1 Swampscott Note Card: Entering Swampscott
swn2 Swampscott Note Card: Lilac Garden, Olmsted District
swn3 Swampscott Note Card: Dories off Fisherman's Beach
swn4 Swampscott Note Card: Swampscott Gazebo
swn5 Swampscott Note Card: Fish House
swn6 Swampscott Note Card: Thanksgiving Rivalry
swn7 Swampscott Note Card: Swampscott in Summer
swn8 Swampscott Note Card: Greetings from Swampscott
swn9 Swampscott Note Card: Fisherman's Beach in Summer
swn10 Swampscott Note Card: 4th of July at Fisherman's Beach
swn11 Swampscott Note Card: Swampscott by the Sea
swn12 Swampscott Note Card: What a View!
swn13 Swampscott Note Card: Good Day for Sailing
swn14 Swampscott Note Card: Powder Puff Football Swampscott
swn15 Swampscott Note Card: Swampscott Primitive
swn16 Swampscott Note Card: Olmsted District
swn17 Swampscott Note Card: Greenwood Avenue
swn18 Swampscott Note Card: Spring is in the Air
san7 Swampscott Note Card: Trick or Treat
san10 Swampscott Note Card: Fall Harvest
nen2 Swampscott Note Card: Red Sky in the Morning
gb Gift Box: can accommodate 8 cards of your choice (Box only. Cards must be purchased separately.)